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The business development services at Leighton Consulting Group are primarily designed to enhance the overall development of our client’s organizations.
Our business development practices cater to infrastructure design to implementing sales strategies that correlate with business goals and objectives.


The idea of business development at Leighton Consulting Group is far more than simply attracting additional clients.
At Leighton Consulting Group we focus on a variety of aspects that involve the development process of our clients organizations.

Significant business development is a result of enhanced management, understanding the market, understanding your product/service value as well as knowing your numbers.
Working with LCG, we will bring all these to light to strategize a development for your organization.

Leighton Consulting Group is more affordable than hiring a full time employee.

Services are provided on a contractual/term basis.

Services provided are directly influenced by the needs of our clients.

The value of our services are much higher than that of hiring a traditional management employee.


At Leighton Consulting Group our main goal is to build and develop a solidified team of business professionals within our clients’ organizations in efforts to maximize development strategies.
Developing a strong and knowledgeable team is the foundation of any success business development plan, and will create a manageable progression for future growth.


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