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Leighton Consulting Group specializes in management consulting services that maximize productivity and efficiency within our client’s organizations.
We work directly with upper management to fully understand the problems and concerns of our client’s needs.

LCG researches, evaluates and executes the best plan of action in efforts to maximize productivity and efficiency for the organization. By working directly with upper management, we are able to provide our clients with management processes that can be duplicated moving forward in business relations.


Clients of Leighton Consulting Group experience significant value in our management services due to our affordable rates and guaranteed services.
Some may think that working with Leighton Consulting Group can be expensive and exaggerate budgets.
On the contrary, Leighton Consulting Group is one of the highest valued investments you can make for your organization.

Leighton Consulting Group is more affordable than hiring a full time employee.

Services are provided on a contractual/term basis.

Services provided are directly influenced by the needs of our clients.

The value of our services are much higher than that of hiring a traditional management employee.


Whether you are a small pizza shop or multi-million dollar enterprise, Leighton Consulting Group can be a valued asset to your organization.
Many inefficiencies we find in our clients organizations are simply do to mismanagement or lack thereof.
Such occurrences present capital loss and poor performance within the organization.

In many cases, poor performance and lack of development cannot be pinpointed by the internal management team of the organization.
s an outsourced perspective, Leighton Consulting Group can identify the inefficiencies and execute necessary changes in efforts to meet future success.


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