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Leighton Consulting Group works with a variety of organizations to enhance their marketing and public relation strategies.
Our marketing services cater to small and mid-size organizations who may not have an internal marketing department or who may have a limited budget on marketing ventures.

LCG works directly with the clients to fully understand the goals and objectives for the organization and strategies a process of plans that will complement future objectives.


Leighton Consulting Group will not only design an individualized marketing plan that directly correlate with your organizations objectives, but we execute them precisely as designed.
With vast experience in marketing and strategizing, Leighton Consulting Group will connect you to your clients with our resources and tools.

Leighton Consulting Group is more affordable than hiring a full time employee.

Services are provided on a contractual/term basis.

Services provided are directly influenced by the needs of our clients.

The value of our services are much higher than that of hiring a traditional management employee.


The marketing services provided by Leighton Consulting Group focus primarily on business development strategies.
From SEO to SEM, from rebranding to R&D marketing plans, Leighton Consulting Group covers all means of our client’s future growth.

Our marketing services are provided on a contractual basis which allow for affordability and means of strict budgets.


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