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small business consulting
small business consulting
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Small Business
Management Consulting Boston, Ma.

Leighton Consulting Group

Leighton Consulting Group provides management consulting services to small businesses alike throughout Greater Boston. Our consulting efforts directly correlate with the enhancement of organizational productivity and efficiency. The management consulting services provided by Leighton Consulting Group are provided on a contractual basis, which foresees both financial budgets as well as goal driven results.

Our management consulting services focus on the internal inefficiencies within our clients organizations. Leighton Consulting Group works exclusively with our client’s management teams in efforts to fully understand the current situations and problems. From their LCG will create a plan of action specifically designed to address and resolve the current situations. Our strategic planning and detailed analysis allows LCG to provide result driven solutions.

Leighton Consulting Group

First and foremost, Leighton Consulting Group introduces a significantly high ROI for our clients because our services are contractual based and result driven. Clients can easily manage budgets and maximize resources through Leighton Consulting Group in efforts to maximize results.

Rather than hiring employee after employee in hopes of increasing productivity and business development. Clients hire Leighton Consulting Group on a contractual basis knowing that organizational productivity and efficiency is the concentrated focus.



Leighton Consulting works with a variety of small organizations that all have different objectives and needs that are needed to be met. Therefore LCG caters specifically to the direct needs of our clients and designs a personalized management process.

Such processes that we cater to are but not limited to:
  • Investigate management insufficiencies that may be hindering the productivity and development of the organization.
  • Create a solution to eliminate insufficiencies and enhance productivity through the management.
  • Create advanced training regiments/material to increase the efficiency and development of our clients employees.
  • Organize and manage specific projects that deliver results in retrospect to our client’s needs.